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May 27, 2010

iPad Week – Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPad

by iCreate Team

Show your best pictures off with a cool slideshow

INtro shotApple has taken a lot of time over the Photos app on the iPad.We know this because it’s a completely different app to the one that appears on the iPhone, even though they both share the same operating system.

iPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPadOne of the things that sets this new Photos app apart is its ability to show incredible picture slideshows. A large part of this is, of course, down to the larger screen with greater resolution, but another is the way the interface is so easy to use and set up, so you’ll really enjoy creating and watching them with friends. One of the fantastic benefits of the processing power tucked away in the iPad is the ability to do the same things you can do on a desktop computer, and creating a slideshow is definitely one of these. Once you’ve learned how to create a slideshow we’re confident you’ll be so impressed that you’ll be making them all the time. The real shame is that, unlike a real Mac using iPhoto, you can’t save the results and share them with others; you can merely marvel at each individual slideshow as it plays out. Maybe we’ll see a change to this in an update to the iPhone OS. For now, though, just enjoy the brilliance of these slideshows, sit back, turn the music up and make sure all your friends and family can see how cool the iPad really is.

Step1Step2iPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPadiPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPadiPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPadiPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPadiPad Week - Tutorial: Create A Slideshow On iPad

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    • You can’t select a playlist only an individual track. Slides play in capture date order and not file name order. This can be confusing if you want to reorder them as there are no options. These bugs will get fixed soon I’m sure 🙂

      I’m loving my iPad


    • Steve M.

      Sort Shots for the iPad allows you to find your images and then create your own order of slides to play in a slideshow.

    • Charley S

      Very disappointing! You can’t change the order of the pictures, can’t adjust the pictures “to fit slide show to music”.
      I hope someone comes out with a real slide show app!

    • Jen

      Does anyone know why I don’t have an icon on my lock-screen of my iPad for a slideshow? It was there in the beginning and now it is gone. Help, please!

    • William

      Not being able to put the photos in order is just plain dumb. I’m not holding my breath but come on Apple, how hard can it be to fix this?

    • Roger

      Slide shows won’t play playlists. Only single track.
      Your book “iPad & iPhone ” says it does play playlists. Apple store says it doesn’t.

    • I was really excited by this but the inability to order the sldies makes it a real deal breaker for me. It seems such a fundamental feature. I find it difficult tobeleive it was omitted.

    • Larry Mast

      The slide show only plays one song. Is there a way to play a song list with the slide show?

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    • There is a problem with the built in slideshow app on IPAD and that is. Let’s say you wanted to show the slideshow to a group so you need a bigger screen. As soon as you plug it into a display say a plasma. You loose all transitions and effects. Poor show Apple

    • Sheri

      Hey Apple, have you made any progress on being able to sort by filename rather than photo taken date/time? Please tell me it will be in your next update coming soon!

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    • John

      Playlists can be used, but not through the slideshow program! I just figured a work around by playing a playlist through the internal ipod player and then starting the slideshow without music. Works OK, but I look forward to the next version with proper music playlist and file ordering capability.

    • Annette

      I agree. Too bad the slideshow program (iphoto) doesn’t allow you to sort photos or delete them.

    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Annette,

      Look out for Issue 99 of iCreate Magazine, we’ve just been working on a tutorial using the Fotoboard App for iPad which allows you to just that!


    • Don

      You can setup a slideshow on the ipad and set the time for each slide to be displayed. Good! The moment you push it through Apple TV to the large screen TV, the display time defaults to 3 seconds (at least it appears to be 3 seconds.) That is a very poor design.

    • Stephen Ashby

      Agreed, Don! We have to say we haven’t noticed this issue, but I’ll hook up my iPad at home tonight and investigate it! It’s possible that the settings change for the different outputs, and that editing the settings while connected to the AppleTV will sort the issue, but I can’t be sure. I’ll try to report back tomorrow!

    • Charlie

      Since upgrading to ios 5 the slideshow ignores the ‘show each photo for’ setting and just gives each photo 10 seconds.

    • Stephen Ashby

      Hi Charlie,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Now I’m not sure whether this has recently been fixed in the 5.0.1 update but when I tested this just a few moments ago it was working fine for me. I set each slide to show for 2 seconds on the Dissolve transition and had no problems. It was a little different for the Origami transition, as some pictures will stay on the screen for a little longer simply due to the way the Origami system works, but there was at least a small change every 2 seconds.

      Again, I’m not sure if it’s thanks to the recent update or whether it’s something to do with your iPad specifically, but if you upgrade to 5.0.1 and continue to have a problem, let us know and we’ll look into it further!


    • William Gordon

      I still can’t figure out how to use a playlist when using slideshow… One song repeating is boring

    • Noel

      So? After all these similar declarations of praise and need,is there now an update or App which addresses them? It seems we all want the ability to (a) change the order of pics (b) sync music more creatively (c) save or display the result to others.Cmon. Make us happy.

    • Stupid ask…


      What’s the name of this app:$
      The name how I find this app on the appstore..?


    • Freddie Harrison

      It’s actually the photos app that comes pre-loaded on every iPad, no need to download anything extra from the app store!

    • Michael

      I am using an Ipad2 running iOS5.1. I have been trying to set up slideshow with origami transitions set to 20 seconds. No matter what I try, the slides change every 3 seconds (which is way too fast for my taste.) Other sites have noted this same problem. Any suggestions? (PS: Some have said that this problem is caused by having chose “repeat” and/or “shuffle.” Neither of these have ever been activated on this newish Ipad2).

    • “Photo Slideshow Director HD” on AppStore is a super slideshow app, better than the built-in slideshow app.

    • I’m still very happy with my original iPad, however with the new iPad3 retina display, I may be tempted to upgrade and take advantage of the better display for my photo galleries and slideshows. I’m glad that there are some decent 3rd party apps starting to hit the app store that give photographers something they can really use. I’ll have to try the one that Thomas has mentioned.

    • Howard Miereanu

      If you have iPhoto on your computer you can put your photos in any order you wat. Then upload them to your iPad!

    • iPad 3 is simply stunning. Much better for showing of your wonderful images. I thought the iPad 1 was great, but the 3 is superb.

    • I am impressed with this article. There is much fun to show my pictures in slideshow. Thanks for sharing.

      I use Photo Slideshow Director HD to create slideshows. I will try your way.

    • Han

      Is it possible to use the slideshow continuously? The show just stops after the last slide and I can’t find an option for a continuous loop.

    • bilbao

      Thanks for the tutorial! I used to display my slideshows at home thanks to my project management app (Beesy) but I always struggled to create them. Now I won’t struggle no more!